Reasons to choose us ?

1.Guided by real people, local experts : Have one of our Lannaland experts personally show you around and make sightseeing a worry-free pleasure, rather than a chore.

2. Private & personal tours – just for YOU : You’ll be met at your accommodation by your guide and get to walk the city at your own pace.

You can ask all the questions you want and have the tour slanted to your interests. It is YOUR TOUR, after all.

3. We have travel insurance for tourists : Make you feel comfortable during your trip on every route in Thailand.

4. We provide right program tour : Our experience has allowed us to have a high-level expertise in a tour organization in Chiang Mai.

5.We are a legal tour agency : Lannaland Tours is authorized by TAT (The Tourism Authority of Thailand)

Good Price and Service Guarantee

We cannot say that our price is lowest and our service is the best. Everybody has their own determination and satisfaction. However, we will serve you the best we can and try to beat any other agencies price as much as possible. We are a tour operator and agency so you are booking directly.